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Insignia National is focused on utilization of technology with design in the development of their products. With the advancements in low voltage LED lighting, Illuminated signage can now be durable, environmentally responsible, energy efficient and accessible to all.

In addition all projects are engineered to meet or exceed the local requirements for wind, and seismic standards. Components are selected after rigorous testing and evaluation to meet our strict requirements. All signs conform to the latest national UBC code requirements as well as local building codes.

At Insignia National all projects are evaluated for their adherence to the basic tenets of form and function as well as their effect on the environment and society as a whole. We believe we have a responsibility to do our best in designing the best products that will serve us now for the sake of future generations.

From idea to innovation.

3D Models

The use of 3D models has become the most effective way of analyzing the merits of design in an architectural environment. Analysis of different light sources and intensity, materials and finish choices allows for comparison and review prior to prototype manufacturing. Insignia National is proud to offer 3D model creation as part of your design decision process.

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